In order to be allowed to sell in the Egyptian Market, any foreign Supplier is required by law to have, and deal through, a registered Egyptian Agent. Both GIES and Nobeltex are registered Agents representing international Manufacturers of Textile Machinery/Accessories/Testing Equipment/Chemicals/Raw Materials and of industrial Air Conditioning Plants/Components from Europe, the USA and the Far East.

Our Sales Activities are backed by the various Services that we offer to our Customers through our Nobeltex Electronic Service Center and Mechanical Repair Workshop.

GIES also supplies complete Fire Protection Installations from the UK which are then installed by our Company IEI which is officially authorized to install Fire Protection Equipments and to re-fill Inergen Gas Cylinders.

G.I.E.S was established in 1958, followed by Nobeltex in 1990 and then IEI in 1999 (prior to IEI’s establishment, the Fire Security Installations were undertaken under GIES).



GIES was established in 1958 by Eng. Mohamed Hussein El Gammal after he retired from his work in the Public Sector as an Agency representing international Textile Machinery Manufacturers and supplying Fire Security Systems.

After his death in 1981, his daughter Eng. Laila El Gammal took over as Managing Director and expanded the Company significantly increasing the number of Suppliers it represents to what it is today.

Gies is jointly owned by the 3 daughters of Eng. Hussein El Gammal, Eng. Laila (Managing Director), Mrs. Mona & Mrs. Latifa (Sleeping Partners).



Our second Agency Nobeltex was established in 1990 by Eng. Laila El Gammal as a sister Company to GIES complementing its work. It has grown to become one of the biggest Textile Agencies in Egypt representing some of the best Textile Machinery Manufacturers in the world.

It is jointly owned by Eng. Laila (President), her daughter Eng. Nayla El Tawil (Vice President) and her son Mr. Amr El Tawil (Sleeping Partner)


Industrial & Engineering Installations CO. (IEI)

IEI was established in 1999 by Eng. Laila El Gammal as an independent entity authorized to install Fire Protection Equipments and to re-fill Inergen Gas Cylinders.

Though only established 18 years ago, IEI actually has an extended Experience of almost 60 years. It was practically present in the Market since 1959 through the GIES Engineering & Installations Department. IEI offers Turnkey Fire Protection Installation Projects covering:

– Automatic Sprinkler Systems
– Medium & high Velocity Spray Systems
– Hydrant & Hose Reel Systems
– Foam Systems
– Pump Houses
– Water Tanks
– Gas Systems
– Detection & Alarm Systems

IEI’s work is not limited to one Industry but various ones including Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Textiles ,Tobacco, Aluminum, Soap & Soda, Rope and Shoes, as well as Cotton Stores, Hotels and even Supermarkets.

IEI provides high quality Installations by a highly qualified and vastly experienced site engineering team & a very skilled labor force trained & certified by the U.K