ZSK has acquired the market leadership in a highly competitive line of industry. Each embroidery machine must pass rigorous standards in production, which provides superior quality & longevity. During the Seminar held at Nile Ritz Carlton, president of ZSK, Mr. Julius Sobizac elaborately talked about the machine applications whether non-technical or technical embroidery where the production of components or textile structures requires the stitching of variable geometry ply stacks, where fabrics need to be reinforced locally, or where fabrics must be assembled. Different samples of ZSK machines production were displayed for the attendance to check and learn more about the machines specs.

Embroidery samples
ZSK President, Mr. Julius Sobizack
Nobeltex President, Mrs. Laila El Gammal

Nobeltex Vice President, Eng. Nayla El-Tawil
ZSK President, Mr. Julius Sobizack
Mr. Kerollos Sidhom (ZSK Area Sales Manager)
A runner produced by ZSK machine