G.I.E.S was established in 1959 by Eng. Mohamed Hussein El Gammal.

Eng. Mohamed Hussein El Gammal had an impact on the Textile Industry in Egypt, and he is considered one of the pioneers of the Spinning and Weaving Textile Industry in Egypt.

After graduation from the l’Ecole Centrale de Paris in 1937 Eng. Mohamed Hussein El Gammal started his carrier as a Civil and Architectural Engineer in the Ministry of Public affair. His first work was El Agouza Hospital in Cairo. He then joined Bank Misr’s technical team under the leadership of the very famous patriotic man ” Talaat Harb”; the man who established the first Egyptian Bank ” BANK MISR”, as well as the TEXTILE INDUSTRY in EGYPT.

Eng. Mohamed Hussein El Gammal was chosen to start the Kafr-El-Dawar Fine Spinning and Weaving Company .

Eng. Mohamed Hussein El Gammal was also the first man to introduce the Viscose and Nylon industry in Egypt.

During his life Eng. Mohamed Hussein El Gammal was assigned too many positions: He was the Managing Director of Misr Mehalla Spinning and Weaving, Kafr El Dawar Fine Spinning and Weaving, Misrayon, and Finally Beida Dyers.

Eng. Mohamed Hussein El Gammal had had many attitudes that reflected his patriotism. His unforgettable efforts to overcome the crisis that faced Damietta factory for example in 1958 can not be denied.

Full of activity and enthusiasm, retirement did not stop this great man from working for the benifit of his country! After retirement he decided to start his own company GIES.