The past four decades has seen a rapid increase in the use of machinery in factories and for various other types of applications. The different types of machines vary wildly from dockside machinery to engines, cutting equipment and automated machinery. All these pose a fire risk. While some machines are in danger of sparking electrical fires, others have combustible components, fluids, or could possibly ignite due to friction. Particularly hazardous are automated machines that are left running at night, and are unattended for long periods of time.

Industrial fires can cause considerable harm to a business in terms of the disruption of work and the damage to equipment and machinery. Even more acute is the damage to the building itself, plus the most serious of all – the risk of injury or death.

An effective and efficient way of reducing these risks, and insuring the safety of your investments, is to install a Fire suppression system. These systems have numerous advantages. Among them is the speed of response by tackling the fire before it takes hold. Having the right system in place prevents a small fire from causing any major damage to the plant or the surrounding buildings.

Pyro Protection Limited provides a range of automatic fire sprinkler systems and active fire suppression systems to assist clients in the management and protection of their premises. Pyro Protection uses every resource they have, their people, their experience, their intellect and their nerve to achieve their aim; to deliver the right solution at the right price time and time again.

With years of experience in fixed automatic fire protection, its team will quickly and efficiently meet your needs. It’s this experience combined with modern expertise and a forward looking approach that make Pyro Protection Limited one of the leading fire sprinkler engineering companies in this field.

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