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We are a Family owned Group of 3 Companies - G.I.E.S, NOBELTEX and IEI.- active in the Egyptian Market since the late 50s. Our main Fields of Activity are the Textile Industry, industrial Air Conditioning Systems and Fire Protection Systems.

For decades, G.I.E.S. and Nobeltex have been successfully representing first Class international Companies from all around the World for the Supply of Textile Machineries and their Accessories, Air Conditioning Systems and their Accessories and Fire Security Systems.

To complement our Supplies, we provide through our Electronic Center and our Workshop Repair and After Sales Services for specific components of the Spinning and, respectively, of the Jacquard Machines that we sell as Nobeltex; and also provide through our third Company IEI professional Installation and Maintenance Services for the Fire Security Systems that we sell as GIES.

Thanks to our Dedication to hard Work and to our Belief in and Adherence to Fairness & Honesty in all our Business Dealings, we are not only considered as one of the leading Agents in Egypt but we have also gained the Respect and Trust of all our Customers and Suppliers.

We have been helping Egyptian textile manufacturers prosper for more than sixty years now.
We provide numerous services to manufacturers in Egypt
Spinning Services
Weaving Services
A/C and Vacuum Services
Fire Protection
Service Center


We believe in hard work and the satisfaction of our customers
Laila El-Gammal

Laila El-Gammal


Nayla El-Tawil

Nayla El-Tawil


The President of Nobeltex has been Recognized by the Worldwide Branding Association for Excellence in Textile Sales.



  •   (+2 03) 4841093 - 4876220 -4860961
  •   (+2 03) 4841092
  •  40, Safia Zaghloul St. Alexandria Egypt
  •   Nobeltex@nobeltex-gies.com


  •   (+2 02) 33035744-33041642
  •   (+2 02) 33469421
  •   188, EL-Nile St., Agouza,
  • Cairo, Egypt P.O.Box. 2788


  •   (+1 60) 4 808 4171
  •   29, 15288 36th avenue,
  • Surrey, BC, V3Z0S6, Canada

Nobeltex Sarl

  •   (+352) 248 7271
  •   41, Avenue de la Gare
  • L-1611 Luxembourg


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